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Truth of Life…


कुछ भी हमेसा के लिए नहीं रहता।

अपने हालात को लेकर हम जितना चाहे गुस्सा कर सकते हैं,
हम किस्मत को कोस सकते हैं,
गाली दे सकते हैं।
लेकिन जब मौत की घडी आती है,
तो हमे उसे गले लगा ही लेना चाहिए।

View Toward Heaven from Himani Chamunda

Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer variety of natural wonders.

Himani Chamunda is a Hindu temple dedicated to Chamunda, situated in the Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayas. The temple environs are of outstanding natural beauty. The temple lies in a natural glade flanked by Dhauladhars and the natural beauty of this place is best savoured in late evenings or at early mornings. It’s for those who are looking for a quiet time. Towards the end of this section, the view towards the Dhauladhars is especially delightful.